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Embark Static Power conditioning equipment systems

For almost a decade, Embark has been at the forefront of industrial Static Power conditioning equipment systems in India. Today, our portfolio and prowess extend far beyond this field to Home, Office & Hotel, Building & Infrastructure – Automation, Power Distribution, Workplace Ergonomics (IT) and Test & Measuring, Auto & Ancillaries, CNC (Driven by numerically controlled controllers), robotics or any sensitive machine.

Embark is founded on ethical business practices and committed to Eliminating down time and maintenance costs. Even as we help achieve breakthrough levels of performance, we stay focused on reducing the impact of our technology on the environment.

Building on our deep industry knowledge, proven expertise, skilled people, strong implementation capability and nationwide support, we are now at an exciting stage of our corporate journey. We have a new generation of young leadership at the helm and are exploring new ventures with a more varied basket of offerings. With our pioneering passion and dynamic, youthful spirit, we continue to relentlessly pursue new-age solutions and raise the bar in our capabilities.

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