Ultra Isolation Transformer

Ultra Isolation Transformers in Pune

Ultra Isolation Transformer

Embark Power make Ultra Isolation Transformer is used to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current (AC) power to some equipment or device while isolating the powered device from the power source, usually for safety reasons.

All the types of electrical noises, predominantly common mode noises can be eliminated by Isolation Transformers. Since it isolates primary winding & secondary winding and separates neutral which bonded with grounds on the secondary side for used to eliminate electrical transients.

The Ultra Isolation Transformer is available in different levels of noise attenuation capabilities. The most commonly used are 80, 100 & 120 dB. The coupling capacitance between primary and secondary is direct 1:1 OR 1:2 relationships with dB levels.

It is also known as Electrical Noise Cut-off Device.

Embark UIT Controllability

  • Surges & Spikes
  • Electrical Noises
  • EMI & RFI

Embark UIT Caters

  • CNC Machines
  • Textiles Machines
  • Laser Cutting Machines
  • Robotics Machines
  • Food Processing Machines
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Printing & Packaging Machines
  • Automated Petrol Pumps & Dispensers
  • Medical, Diagnostics & Hospital Equipment
  • Lighting Loads, Home Appliances


  • Single Phase = 5kVA – 50kVA
  • Three Phase = 10kVA – 200kVA

Special Salient Features

  • IT Will Give Fully Uniform Conditioned Power.
  • Free From Surge-Spike-Brown-Outs.
  • All Solid State Technology, No Moving Parts.
  • Silent Operation & Minimum Maintenance.

Schematic Block Diagram

Technical Specification for Ultra Isolation Transformer

Primary Voltage:415V 
Secondary Voltage:415V OR 200V/220V
System Construction:Delta To Star
Ratio:1:1 OR 1:2
Power Factor:0.75 Lagging To 0.75 Leading
Di-Electric Strength:2500V For 1 Minute
Insulation Resistance:More Than 1000 Mega Ohms
Coupling Capacitance:0.1Pf For 100Db
Leakage Current:Less Than 20µ Amps 
Common Mode Attenuation:80Db
Class Of Insulation :Class “H”
Ambient Temperature:0ºc To 55ºc
Humidity:>95% Rh
Duty Cycle:Continuous
Enclosure:IP -21 as per IS:2026

*Due to continual improvement in products, dimensions or upgraded specifications can be changed without prior intimation.

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