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Welcome to Embark’s innovative power conditioning solutions for safer, fastest, more efficient, and sustainable industrial power solutions. Embarks advanced Power conditioning equipment systems are capable of controlling Surges, Spikes, Electrical Noises & Voltage Sags/Dips, in a distributed and redundant way, complex industrial processes, machines and high-performance production lines which are very modern and fast, ensuring the high-end machines (Driven by numerically controlled controllers), robotics or any sensitive machine; run smoothly without any tripping or logic card /drive failure or rejections on quality, because every cycle of AC voltage our ESP-PLC unit instantaneously corrects only essential difference voltage through IGBT, to achieve 240V precise constant voltage which adds or subtracts from the main of incoming power line. The input voltage is sensed by feedback control system through digital signal processor (DSP) and corrections are made by varying duty cycle of the PWM, during system regulation it is done electronically within 20 milli seconds without any step changes in output voltage.

Plus, as it is static in nature, so it is maintenance free.

Power Line Conditioner Dealers in Pune

Industries and Application

Embark Power offering a range of power technology solutions to help bring greater control and higher productivity to the factory floor. We deliver fully integrated, future-proof power solutions to bring flexibility, consistency, and long-term availability for factory production. Embark offers a range of power conditioning products designed to meet highly specific needs and applications



Embark static Power is committed to providing the highest quality power conditioning products for the communications industry. In addition to our full line, we also offer custom solutions designed to fit virtually any communication application.
Smart industry robot arms for digital factory production technology showing automation manufacturing process of the Industry 4.0 or 4th industrial revolution and IOT software to control operation .

CNC, Robotics & Automation

With our Embark static Power is ready to solve your specific challenges in running CNC (Driven by numerically controlled controllers), robotics & factory automation systems or any sensitive machine for metal cutting & fabrication, material handling & placement, process control & other industrial production applications.
Weaving fabric on air jet looms in big textile weaving unit.

Textile Machines

With our Embark static Power is ready to solve your specific challenges in running modern power looms & other textile production applications. Turn to us for power conditioning solutions for your critical high end electronic machines like looms, weaving. Our devices are the best accessories you can buy for your computerized machines.
Medical technology concept with 3d rendering robot with tablet display x-ray brain

Hospitals, R&D, Analytical and Scientific Laboratories

Embarks (power conditioning unit) can be used to protect any electronic equipment, particularly in countries with inadequate infrastructures for the generation and distribution of AC power.

Building Management & Security Surveillance

Corporate offices and buildings uses Lifts, Rectifier chargers, UPS, Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning equipment, Equipment with AC input switch-mode power supplies are required Power conditioning equipment systems are based IGBT (PWM) technology which corrects the voltage fluctuations in 20 milli seconds & trustworthy performance greatly contributing to your business’s productive growth.

OEMs (Original equipment manufacturer)

Embark static power to all your modern engineering process, Printing & Packaging Machines, robotics, automation & process control.
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Static Stabilizer for CNC Robotics Automations Applications

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