How does electricity work ?

How does electricity work ?

Welcome to Embark’s innovative power conditioning solutions for safer, fastest, more efficient, and sustainable industrial power solutions. Embarks advanced Power conditioning equipment systems are capable of controlling Surges, Spikes, Electrical Noises & Voltage Sags/Dips, in a distributed and redundant way, complex industrial processes, machines and high-performance production lines which are very modern and fast, ensuring the high-end machines (Driven by numerically controlled controllers), robotics or any sensitive machine; run smoothly without any tripping or logic card /drive failure or rejections on quality, because every cycle of AC voltage our ESP-PLC unit instantaneously corrects only essential difference voltage through IGBT, to achieve 240V precise constant voltage which adds or subtracts from the main of incoming power line. The input voltage is sensed by feedback control system through digital signal processor (DSP) and corrections are made by varying duty cycle of the PWM, during system regulation it is done electronically within 20 milli seconds without any step changes in output voltage.

Plus, as it is static in nature, so it is maintenance free.

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